Mar. 14th, 2013 03:00 pm
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130. 雪へ雪ふるしづけさにをる (1933)

юки э юки фуру
щидзукэса ни ору

к снегу снег ложится
в тишине

юки (雪) - снег
фуру (降る, ふる) - падать, выпадать в осадок
щидзукэса (静けさ, しづけさ) - покой, спокойствие, тишина
ору, иру (居る) - быть, находиться

here in the hush / of snow / falling on snow (Tr. by Burton Watson)
Snow falls / On the snowfall / Silently. (Tr. by John Stevens)
I’m in the quietness of snow falling on snow (Tr. by Hiroaki Sato)
On snow, snow falling, / In this silence - / I am. (Tr. by Hisashi Miura and James Green)
Snow / falls on snow - / and remains silent (Tr. by Stephen Addiss with Fumiko and Akira Yamamoto)
Snow settles upon snow, / I am in the midst of quietude. (Tr. by James Abrams)
Here in the stillness of snow falling on snow
Snowfall on snow becoming silence
Snow's falling on snow, I'm in quietude.
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